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What is the Past Roos Association?

The main objective of the the PAST ROOS ASSOCIATION is to facilitate and encourage the return of as many ex - players , coaches , officials , supporters etc back to the club and renew the many friendships and re-live the stories and successes of our rich history.

It has taken quite a few years (a long story!!) to win back our traditional name and colours - so now we can re-focus on re- building the Roos into the " powerhouse " of footy on the Coast !!

The PAST ROOS will not be predominately focused on raising money but all funds will be channeled back through the Roos in some way e.g. assisting in the purchase of equipment/trophies, assisting any Roos (seniors or juniors) that may be in need.

So keep an eye on this page for any updates and anyone wanting to get involved should call Lyndsay Halson on 0438 794 790.